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  • My sister husband started raping me at the age of 13 years

  • Mrs Chinwe Udeze Patricia the social media user(facebook) has narrated how her sister's husband started sleeping together with her , after was removing from her mother by her sister.

    She said her sister came to satisfy her mum heavily pregnant with three kids and told her mum that she is unable to try to to housework which she should come and stick with her and also assist her in performing some works.

    Initially, her mum doesn't want her to travel , because she knew she won't treat her well, but thanks to the very fact that she was young and never been to Lagos before, she was too happy and persuaded her mum to permit her follow her sister.

    After she followed her to Lagos, her sister told her never to interact together with her mum in Igbo dialect in order that she won't be ready to report her abuse, as her mum is from Edo but married to an Igbo man.

    As time goes on, she was been accused of stealing milk, tea and other food stuffs within the house. thanks to this, her sister will strip her ahead of her husband and seriously affect her. she is going to make jest of her private body ahead of her and her kids.

    There after, her sister's husband started sleeping together with her right while she is inside her house and when she has gone out.

    When she joined them in Lagos, she wasn't allowed to travel to high school for 2 two terms, and when she was eventually allowed, she is usually going late to high school .

    She said after her husband is completed sleeping together with her , he will attend buy amplicox and other drugs and force her to use it in his presence, in order that she won't get pregnant.

    Whenever her mum calls from the village, her sister will monitor the decision to form sure she doesn't tell her mum anything also she must not speak in Igbo dialect whenever the 2 are talking.

    This is how the act continued till she ran faraway from her sister's house at some point .

    I was about dying at some point before I ran out of our house and escaped to at least one of my uncle's place in Lagos, who couldn't say anything after seeing the way i used to be maltreated by them , she said.

    Mr Julius and Martina, i will be able to never forgive you for what you probably did to me in Lagos.

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