6 dangerous tips that can damage your liver

Liver is a recreate large organ in the body systems that stores and metabolizes nutrients and also reduce or destroy the power of toxins that is harmful to the body and also create biles.

 It's also involve in conduct of thousands of biochemical reactions.
 It's thick brown in colour and also tinted with red and gray.


1)Consumption of Alcohol :

Consumption of too much of alcohol can cause dangerous to the liver.

 The higher the consumption of alcohol the lower the capability of the liver to resistance against the poison of the body.

2)Misuse of Drugs :

Therapeutic of drugs, herbs and other medications can cause damage to the liver because liver distinct between drugs, herbs and other medications and misuse of this medications can cause failure to the liver.

3)Smoking :

Liver problems is a major symptoms of smoking.

 The poisonous content present in tobacco and others which are smoke inside causes oxidative pressure which damage the liver.

4)Restlessness :

You may be shock as restlessness is been enumarate, it's was detected that lack of sleep or restless can have a bad impact in the liver ,it's makes the oxidative pressure in liver.

 For example, you experience greasy liver ailment at high rate among the folks it's a result of lack of rest.

5)Shortage drinking of water :

Water is a liquid, colourless, odourless  and tasteless substance which is take in by the body.

64 to 100 water is needs day by day to cleanse and channel the poison out of the liver.

6)Unprotected sex :

Practicing protected sex helps to protect you against any STDs.

Unprotected sex may cause a deadly liver STD disease that is called hepatitis B and C transferred from one folk to another.

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