4 different types of skin that exist base on nature and treatment

4 different types of skin that exist base nature and treatment

Dry skin

People with dry skin mostly don't looks shinny and looks dull, areas of the cheek, eye and lips salty or powdery white in look.

Wrinkles and rough surface start to  occur in their teenager age.

Dry skin demand a lot of moisturize treat in order to balance the oil of the skin because dry skin is the consequences of sebaceous glands that not be able to produce enough oil to lubricate or wet (moisturize) the skin ,then the skin becomes hydrated.


Normal skin

Normal skin is the healthiest skin among all other types of skin due to its Adaptatibility and flexibility.

The skin is always smooth and spot free, sometimes one (1) or two (2) pimples might show up but trust me within few day it will clear and leave no traces.

Moreover if you are related to all feature above, you still need some skin care because of wrinkles and sun damage and may be develop brown spot around the eyes.


Oily skin

Oily skin is the type of skin that is dull and greasy in look.

Oily skin as a large pores and looks shinny which is filled with dirt and epithet. The oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands fill up the pores and  allure dust and other germs such as bacteria and others and, it'll results to blackheads, which result to pimples and acne.

Oilness of the skin can be chang by weather condition and can be worsen base on stage of poverty, expose to heat or humidy and hormonal imbalance.


Combine skin

People with combine skin do have the appearance combination of oily and dry skin, there will be some traces of oil in fore head and the nose likewise a woman tissue.

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