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  •      MY REAL MONSTER 8

    The party is tonight, I bought a black gown, is either it or red, I choose black, courtesy of Eric black hoodie.  I must be stupid, thinking of someone that don't even care about my existence 
    "Come on ladies, we will be late" my dad screamed from downstairs, as if they put a timer for us, I came out the same time with mom. She is wearing red gown, thank God I choose black.
    "The two most beautiful ladies in my life" dad said as his eyes shine with administration.
    "Add important also" my mom always like praise, and my dad, love praising, they made a perfect match.
    "Important, I just added it" dad said with a grin, he kissed her wrist and led her away like a new bride, I followed, now am invisible.
    The party was already full when we got there, I found out from dad that its a birthday party, its been hosted by the most respected family. Probably the richest.
    "Barbara" I heard Amina called, I turned and wave at her, she then came to me, my parents turned at us.
    "Am Amina, Barbara's friend" she introduced herself, she really is a talker, they exchange pleasantries.
    "Go be with your friends dear" my mom said, way to go, she is now acting so elegant, I looked at my dad and he smiled, already knowing what I mean. I smiled back and left with Amina.
    "Here come meet my parents" she said dragging me along
    "Mom, dad, here's the friend I told you about" she said as we stopped in front of two couple.
    "Wow" I said as I saw her mother, she is by far the prettiest woman here
    "How are you dear" she asked
    "Am fine ma, Goodeveing" I greeted.
    "Evening my dear, hope Amina is not much of a trouble" she asked and Amina grunt
    "No ma'am, she is nice and am glad I made friends with her" I said, I looked at the father he is talking with another man 
    "Dad you don't want to say hi to my friend" Amina said, getting her father's attention
    "Sorry dear, what's your name again" he said, with a nervous look, I guess he wants best for her daughter and don't want to disappoint her 
    "Barbara sir, Barbara Omeh" I said with a bow.
    "Mr Omeh's daughter" he asked, I nodded now feeling nervous, he turned to his wife.
    "He is the engineer in charge of the shopping mall am building" he said to her, my dad now have a building construction company and business have been good. "Good man he is" he said to me and I felt proud.
    "Thanks" I said.
    "Go have fun" Amina's mom said, and I left with Amina.
    "I guess he's not coming" Amina muttered, so she is actually waiting for Richie, today at the boutique she tried nearly all cloth, but ended up buying the blue gown, which looks good on her.
    "Don't strain you eyes princess, for here I stand" we heard Richie voice and turned, his wearing a dark blue tux and damn he looked nice.
    "Wow Richie, you dressed up pretty good" I said, he smiled and bow.
    "I won't want to disappoint my lady" He said "come dear let the introduction commence" he said with a smile, Amina who have her lips open followed like a puppy and Richie led her away by the hand. Way to go friend, you just abandon me.
    "Now am alone with you" I heard Kevin said and I was glad, for all I see is couples drinking and talking, I turned to him with a smile.
    "You look nice" he's putting on a super dope tux.
    "Not nearly as you" he said roaming his eyes all over me "come on let me take you to the teen section" he said and we both walked away, he walked ahead and I followed. No holding of hands, I guess he is respecting my personal boundaries, or am not free with him.
    After a while, we got there, its like a parlour, a big parlour, the one we left is a hall, I looked around and recognise some of the face, but really not acquainted with them. I saw Amanda sitting on Collins laps, the delinquents are here, except Henry and Eric, we discovered Henry is the poor guy, according to him, he had a quarrel with a rich kid and he took the blame, something that is clearly not his fault, but when his mother and father started laying petition, the rich kid father decide to send him to our school as a delinquent and also making up for his son mistake.
    I sat down close to Kevin, I didn't bother greeting anybody since am not that close with them, Amanda still gives me the stink eyes.
    "I thought he would be here" A girl said sadly
    "Its his birthday, I thought so too" another added.
    "Have you paid your respect to his grand parents" Amanda asked Collins
    "Yes, am surprised they recognized me, its been 7 years since they saw me" He said.
    I wonder who they re talking about, it made them all seem sad, one thing I could figure from their conversation is this party is for the guy and he didn't show up. He is a moron if you ask me, its disrespectful not coming to your own party.
    "He use to be happy" Kevin said
    "Like you knew him?" Amanda said with disgust, and took Collins with him, why is she always the mean one. I feel so out of place here, I have nothing to say, Amina is not back, I decided to slowly slip away. Thank God Kevin didn't notice.

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