Sex talk usually comes up when we feel in love with someone or feel weird for him or her. 

There are two major types of sex talks:

1)Physical: Physical sex talks borders on praising your partner’s body. Depending on your level of comfort with each other, you can praise a man’s penis, chest, muscles, eyes or a woman’s vagina, breasts, buttocks hips etc.

2)Emotional: Emotional aspects of sex talk are meant to excite someone through the feelings of love, passion, intimacy. These are deep expressions of love that binds two souls together.

In sex, be freaky, be dirty, be outrageous and courageous in what you say and do. Dirty talk is not just for sex alone, it is an everyday communication between two lovers.


1.  Be full of praise to your partner. Praise a physical aspect of his body especially the intimate parts e.g. “I love your hard and thick penis and how it fills me down there”, “I love your tight and wet pussy and how it holds my dick”.

2.  Praise your partner’s way of having sex or talk to him how to do it to you when you are actively at it e.g. faster, harder, fuck me very hard until you make me cum, take it all in you etc

3.  Reaffirm him/her that you really belong to her/him during that passionate moment e.g. take me all of me, devour me down there I am whole yours, its all yours honey, smash it etc

4.  Practice the dirty talks alone before using them so that you will be comfortable with them when with a partner. The last thing you wish to do during sex is to say something weirdly, or forget the phrase midway.

5.  Get into the habit of talking dirty to your partner even outside the bedroom even in public place. A sexual phrase said where you know sex is almost impossible is very arousing. E.g. Try saying this, “I want you inside me right away”, in a park to your guy, later on, you will be happy you said it.

Now that we have talked about sexy talk, let us learn some example sexy phrases that can turn you on in the heat of passion:

i.  I love the way you fill me up down there.

ii.  Just hearing you breathe in my ear sends shivers down my spine.

iii.  I really love to have you no top of me.

iv.  I wish we could just stay in bed forever.

v.  Just like that! That is exactly how I wanted it!

vi.  Faster! Harder!

vii.  I love being your little dirty girl in the bedroom.

viii.  I want to taste you right away.

ix.  Keep doing that.

x.  You're going to make me cum hard.

xi.  You're making me so wet... I can't wait until we're alone; I've got a special surprise for you!

xii.  Seeing you in those pants is making me want to jump you.

xiii.  If we weren't out in public, I would be doing some very naughty things to you right now!

xiv.  I wish we could just leave this party/movie theatre/concert and go somewhere private. I am just too horny! All because of you darling!

xv.  Don't look at me like that; you know it turns me on.

xvi.  You know I wore this skirt/these jeans, this dress just for you.

Here are some of the importance of sex talks between two lovers. They may vary depending on individuals.

1.     They enhance love, trust and intimacy between two people.

2.     You are compelled to be more loyal and loving to your partner.

3.     You deliberately make yourself vulnerable to your love, a sense of surrender fill your heart.

4.     They always challenge people to do better and be better sexually.

5.     You begin compromising on things you previously thought that they are impossible.

6.     They make someone appreciate his/her body more and to be more at ease with him/her self especially in the presence of a lover.

7.     They make sex to always feel like an adventure.

8.     They enhance openness and communication between two partners in matters of sex.

9.     They encourage the shy to speak out their hidden and secret desires and to be more open.

10.   They are the super-avenue to self-discovery of sexual partners. They greatly assist a lover to explore all his/her pleasure points due to the desire to please the recipient partner, and to enjoy sex more.

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