1)THE EVADER- claims to not believe love,He won’t love you or perhaps strive to,remember, he already told you direct that he doesn’t believe love,Love may be a verb,a doing word,All he's spoken communication is that you just ought to haven't any expectations from him,he won’t do something for you,he won’t even bother Run.

2)THE PHYSICAL ABUSER- hits you physically and claims you created him do it you caused it you ought to have unbroken quiet once he same so he won’t copulate again run, run, run as way as your legs will take you?.

3)THE BORROWER- continually stone-broke and loans cash from you…which he ne'er pays back of course he is continually “on the verge of a breakthrough”just about to hit it big all he desires is your cash and continued support tells you “you do this for us” a major sign of economic abuse and emotional manipulation don’t keep there Run!

4)THE MANIPULATOR- desires you pregnant before wedding to “prove” your ability to possess babies at a specific age and how does one get pregnant while not partaking in sexual activity? tells you most are doing it and you'll be a fool not to Run.

5)THE OPPRESSOR- involved solely by what suits and pleases him Your desires and opinions don’t matter may inform you he very likes food and enjoys completely different freshly created meals he doesn’t eat frozen food everything needs to be contemporary from the market and baked daily Run.

6)THE EGOIST- believes that a lady ought to be seen and not heard a traditional in thoughts and deeds lets you apprehend that he doesn’t believe a operating lady and a woman’s place is within the room. front room and also the “other” room Run.

7)THE CRITIC- you'll ne'er please him nor do something smart in his opinion
 Lets you apprehend you're continually coming back in need of his standard never compliments you never sees something smart or admirable .

8 THE EMOTIONAL MATREATER.- to the skin world, he's a gem but you recognize otherwise you know the truth even you're unable to know or comprehend the modification in character sometimes you're thinking that it’s beat your head maybe you're overreacting you think but you recognize you're going crazy you will tell as a result of it should sound trivial and not an enormous deal you are afraid to inform as a result of nobody can believe you Run.

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